Available Dogs

If you haven’t already, complete our Adoption Application so we can keep an eye out for a good match for your needs. Thank you for supporting retired racing greyhounds!

IMPORTANT NOTE – We have many more applications than dogs currently. The dogs here will more than likely be going to already completed applications.

Available Greyhounds

Adoptable GreyhoundsDog Name Availability & Details
Coach Susie - "Susie"She is very shy so will need a chance to adjust to the retired life before she's ready for adoption. She's very curious as she settles in with her foster. She especially has to investigate all food bowls and loves cookies!
RC Fireball - "Bo" He likes car rides and stealing french fries when no one is looking.
Steal My KissesIn the first few days has seemed to adjust well with a cat and a dachshund sharing living quarters. She's pictured here supervising meal preparation in her foster's house! She doesn't seem bothered by loud noises. She was relaxed on her bed while fireworks were going off in the neighborhood.