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Are you thinking about adopting a dog?  We’d love to talk to you about making a retired racing Greyhound a part of your family.

Greyhounds are clean, quiet and docile.  Most are fine living with other canine breeds and many get along well with cats.  Retired racers make wonderful household pets and companions but they are strictly inside pets.  They make excellent walking companions and most are great with well behaved children.

Available Dogs

Adoptable GreyhoundsDog Name Availability & Details
Velocity Arzel - "Willow"Female, brindle, born Dec 16, 2020; Willow possesses a delightful personality that instantly wins over the hearts of both young and old. Her quiet, gentle but playful nature suits a family with children or retirees.
Her brindle coat is unique and her striking white chest makes her a standout.
At three and a half years old, she is a perfect companion dog who is happy to laze around on a lounge or bed. She travels well in a car so outings and adventures are a breeze.
She is well socialised with other greyhounds and the pet Kelpie (dog) and is comfortable with time alone, 3-5 hours.
"Liza"***** Adopted *****
female, blue coat, born Oct 25, 2016; Liza is a very sweet girl. She is quiet and very gentle. Liza is happy to do her own thing or sit by your side. She will make a great calm companion. Liza is not fussy and is very easy going. She has experience interacting with other dogs and is friendly to them. Liza is independent and can be left alone for a few hours at home. She will make a great addition to a family looking for a sweet natured fur-baby.
Super Fab - "Charles"black male, born Aug 7, 2019; Very good natured with a bit of character; settles quickly and travels well; loves pats; Has experience with kids about 7/8 and was great with them. Has experiences around dachsunds, boarder collies and cattle dogs and did well (mostly ignored them); no experience with cats or in a domestic household; No history of growling, biting or snapping; Did well when kept as a pet; Very friendly dog;
"Shelby"black female, born May 6, 2022; She is a very sweet girl and a little shy until gets to know you; She will interact with people but working on her socialization skills; Likes to go for walks and does well on a lead. She is scared of a Cavoodle (spaniel poodle mix); Will not do well with small or medium dogs as she is scared of them.
Mac n Cheese - "Macky"***** Adopted *****
2 year old, black female; very sweet and loves to give kisses. Shy at first, but warms up easily.
"Dueces"***** Adopted *****
4 year old male, very sweet; very confident in new situations;
"Autumn"born Jul 2022; very shy and skiddish female; fawn color; Foster is working on getting her better acclimated and ready for adoption.
Turbo Silas - "Silas"***** Adopted *****
male; born 02/08/2022; only raced a few times;

• Personality wise he is very sweet, shy at first but quick to warm up to people. In the house he is very chill for a young dog - likes to find a comfy spot and lounge for hours but also enjoys his morning zoomies. He also loves lounging on the deck/backyard.

• Good with children - we have a two year old he’s been great with.

• Good with other dogs big and small. Not sure about cats we haven’t met one yet.

• House training great - has only had one accident when we first got him.

• Great in a crate. Sleeps in his crate all night and is crated and quiet when we’re gone. Occasionally chooses to go in there on his own sometimes as well to nap.

• Good with leash walks. Still gets a little spooked with loud cars but has gained a lot of confidence since we first got him.

• Loads up and rides in the car super well.
Sweet Tea- "Thera"Sweet 4 year old girl. Doesn't like getting in a car but gets in a van just fine. She appears to be "cat safe," but depends on the cat.

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