Available Dogs

All of our recent retired dogs have been adopted! While that’s good news for them, we know that you were hoping to see your future perfect greyhound pet right here. Rest assured there will be many dogs coming up for adoption soon, so please check back regularly to see who is available!

We were lucky enough to bring back four beautiful greyhounds to Louisville on August 3.  There are all marked available for now, but we have received quite a few applications this summer and will be looking to play match-maker once we know more about these four.

Meanwhile if you haven’t already, complete our Adoption Application so we can keep an eye out for a good match for your needs. Thank you for supporting retired racing greyhounds!

Available Greyhounds

Dog Name Availability & Details
2 year old black & white female
Adopting Pending
Brave and curious! Follows her foster mom everywhere - discovering toys and proving to be one playful, loving girl!
Downgraded to questionable with small dogs - we hope to find out for sure this week.
Racing name Par of Thera.
2 year old black female
Adoption Pending
Sweet and curious
Small dog safe, looks to be workable with cats.
Racing name was SuperC Kissme
2 year old male fawn
He is a very sweet boy, quite affectionate and loves a good butt scratch.
We don't know if cat or small dog safe yet.
Racing name was Super C Jedi
3 year old black boy
We don't know if cat or small dog safe yet.
Racing name was Superior Ricardo
2 year old white/red female
Racing name was Bgr Whiskeylulaby
2 year old male brindle
We don't know if cat or small dog safe yet.
Racing name Last Act Simon.
Small dog & cat safe!
Sweet & quiet brindle girl at 73 lbs.
Her foster family reports that she walks great on a leash!

Loves people and lots of hugs. He is a Red Fawn and an amazing boy. He is 3 years old & 76 lbs
His foster family reports that he is very affectionate and attentive, and started playing with toys the first night! (Though he has much to learn about dog beds!)
(Better picture to come!)
Cat Safe!
Tempest is the most loving girl. She is two years old, white and red, at 65 lbs. Our volunteers fell in love with her when they saw her & say she is such a sweetheart. She has a small fracture but it should heal in a couple of weeks.
Her foster home reports that she is settling in great & loves head scratches.
Baby BoyAdopted!
Adorable 3 year old. Look at those ears! He is very curious & mostly white but for this ears. He is 78 lbs