Available Dogs

If you haven’t already, complete our Adoption Application so we can keep an eye out for a good match for your needs. Thank you for supporting retired racing greyhounds!

IMPORTANT NOTE – We have many more applications than dogs currently. The dogs here will more than likely be going to already completed applications.

Adoptable GreyhoundsDog Name Availability & Details
Thera - "Sweet Tea"***** Adoption Pending *****
Sweet 4 year old girl. Doesn't like getting in a car but gets in a van just fine. She appears to be "cat safe," but depends on the cat.
Cet Colt***** Adopted *****
Like any 2 year old, colt has a lot of energy. His favorite thing to do is meet people. He does not like to be alone but does okay a few minutes after you leave him. He is very food motivated and will likely require some kind of slow feeder as he can finish a cup of food in seconds (if you let him). We were told he is not small dog or cat safe, but have not investigated this further. He does show interest in squirrels on walks, but we’re working on this too. He has mastered hardwood floors and stairs. Colt came from the track with “happy tail” but it looks much better and he tolerates the dressing changes and bandages well. He is going to be someone’s very loyal companion!
"Buttercup"***** Adopted *****
Buttercup is a 4 year old female. She is doing well settling in with her foster. She slept all night and eating well. No accidents in house. She is very inquisitive. So far she's only been around one other non-greyhound and did well. Not sure yet about small dogs or cats. She is very calm and easy going.