Available Dogs

Please see our list of available dogs below. Be sure to check back often as this list will change!

By clicking on the images below of the available (green) dogs, you can see each dog’s information and fun facts, as well as more pictures.

Updated 10/2/2017 – We have no dog available in foster in town right now., but there are more  dogs are available at the track waiting to be adopted too! We have adopted out many dogs in 2016 & in 2017 so far who were picked up directly from the track and pre-adopted.

Please email [email protected] if you are interested in adopting one of these dogs here or one waiting at the track.


Male, black


(Brother of Saturn and Jupiter, and one of the Derby Five!)


3 year old female

Available for adoption!

One of the Eclipse 5 which we received from Nashville the Saturday before the eclipse.


3 year old male

Available for adoption!

Also one of the Eclipse 5



Two year old black female

Turned 2 the day we picked her up from the track!

Available for adoption!

If you’re looking for a dog and you don’t see them here, they may have already been adopted! Recently adopted dogs will stay on this page for about a week with a red border, then move to the Recently Adopted gallery on our Photo Gallery page.

Color Guide:
Yellow=Adoption Pending