So you’ve decided to adopt a greyhound? You are about to start a process which will change your life forever. But before you do, please make sure you READ our pages about Greyhounds and the FAQ page to make sure that you and the dog are right for each other.

This application may take a few minutes to complete, and takes the GPA representatives time to process. We want you to understand as much about retired Greyhounds as possible, and be ready to take the first step in bringing home your new best friend.

Important Information about the Application & Adoption Process

  • At Greyhound Pets of America-Louisville, our goal is to place Greyhounds into homes that will benefit both the Greyhound and the pet owner. Our attempts to find the best match are partly based upon your responses to the application you submit. Please answer the questions in as much detail as possible.
  • Some Greyhound rescue and adoption agencies require potential owners to have a fenced-in yard, GPA-Louisville does not. While having a fenced-in yard will make life a bit easier for you and your hound, we do not believe this should prevent a Greyhound from going to a good, loving home.
  • The application you are about to complete does not obligate either you or GPA-Louisville to any type of adoption commitment. It is merely the first step.
  • Upon approval of the application, a GPA representative will contact you to make arrangements for the next step of the adoption process, which is usually a home visit by a representative and their dogs.
  • You will be asked to sign a GPA-Louisville adoption contract when your adoption becomes official.

New and improved! An online and a PDF version of the application!

You may complete an application online now. Please click here to use our online application:

Online Application

If you would rather print and fill out this application, you may do so using the PDF version below.

PDF Application

The PDF application may be scanned and submitted by email after it’s completed, or returned by mail to our address:

6409 South Drive
Louisville, Kentucky  40272-4529

If there are any questions, please email [email protected].

6409 South Drive
Louisville, Kentucky  40272-4529
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