Welcome to the page for our new and improved adoption application! It takes about 10 seconds to load, so please be patient if you don’t see the application right away!

Remember,  this application is for greyhound adoption in the Louisville & surrounding areas. Please send us an email to check before completing the application if you are not in Louisville to make sure that we can help you with a dog adoption.

This will take 20-30 minutes to complete. Unfortunately you cannot save and come back later, so only start when you are ready! You will need your vet’s contact information & that of two references, as an FYI.

Our application is free to submit. The adoption fee is currently $300, which includes spay/neuter, updated shots, a leash and collar, and will have flea and heart-worm medicine for the month.

Please note that all questions are required, whether they are marked or not. If there’s a required field that doesn’t apply to you (for instance, if you haven’t submitted an application to another adoption group) please put N/A.