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Are you thinking about adopting a dog?  We’d love to talk to you about making a retired racing Greyhound a part of your family.

Greyhounds are clean, quiet and docile.  Most are fine living with other canine breeds and many get along well with cats.  Retired racers make wonderful household pets and companions but they are strictly inside pets.  They make excellent walking companions and most are great with well behaved children.

What to Know About the Aftermath of the Florida Racing Ban

Due to the passage of Amendment 13 in Florida thousands of greyhounds will be in need of adoption in the upcoming months. The impact is national, since re-homing this many dogs at once will interfere with the normal adoption cycle for dogs retiring from other regional tracks.

The Amendment didn’t include a plan to handle veterinarian costs, transportation, and care of these dogs after the passage. Supporters cited available shelters, but those resources are usually at capacity already, and often have grim outcomes for the animals there.

GPA chapters and other individual adoption groups have experienced, knowledgeable volunteers who are ready to go to work to help the dogs. The main resource we cannot control is the financing needed to facilitate the dogs’ entry into the adoption process. Therefore GPA Louisville is one of many adoption groups that will ask for donations to help us receive and care for as many Florida dogs as we can.

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We had a goal of helping 52 greyhounds find homes in 2018 (one per week on average). Your donations & support helped us get very close! We were a few short, but only due to a lack of dogs at the track during the year.

Get in touch with us today or visit one of our Meet & Greet events to learn more about Greyhounds and our terrific group of adopters.

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Get involved! It’s fun and rewarding!

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